Chinese Crested Dogs & Weimaraners
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Welcome to our homepage!

Page updates - 06.02l.2021 Litters

Sukansyöjän kennel was established in 2018 and we are located in Eastern Finland, Joensuu. In our opinion it's very important to retain the natural use of our dog breeds including hunting abilities. Also important things are maintaining good health and other qualities. Our dogs live beside us in our livingspace, and get along fine with our children and cats. We take them to dogshows and training, and we hunt with our weimaraner. Weimaraner are good with all kinds of game, but mainly we have been hunting black- and wood grouse, hazel grouse, duck, pigeon and hare. 


Chinese crested is an active breed that we take along to hikes and it 's compatible with any kinds of dogsports that only limit the dog owner's imagination. Inside the breed there are many kinds of coatqualities, the caring of coat is easy when it's washed and brushed often. If dogshows are the thing for you, the coat care and trimming will take even more of your attention weekly. Stina has learned to trim and wash our dogs. 

We will use only health checked dogs in our breedings to guarantee puppies' health. The balanced and easygoing temperament is always one of the main things that has our focus. Hunting abilities are essential to weimaraner breedings.

It's so nice that you came to our page and we hope that you enjoy! Welcome to read more of our dogs.

Stina Saxlund-Kareinen

Marko Kareinen

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Our dogs are loved familymembers that live with us in our home. At this moment we have two males Metsätien Ragazzo (weimaraner) and Kaitlin Naughty Noochie (chinese crested dog). All pictures are taken of our dogs. Next member of our pack was Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady a cheery chinese crested girl. Latest addition is the daughter of our male weimaraner from the litter that has been born to kennel Bluechannel.

Our dogs are on 50/50 rawfood diet. It's combined with high quality kibble. We are not loyal to any actual brand. Quality matters; when used at hunting, dogs need more high energy food at the hunting season. Oils are good for paws  and also skin wellfare, this is important when thinking about chinese crested.  We feed raw them raw bones and cartilage to maintain clean teeth and to ease chewing. Allergies are becoming more common wich we intend to affect with our breeding choices. Dogs must be able to consume all kinds of food without the fear of allergic reactions.

Dogs get to eat different kinds of meat, entrails like heart and liver. We use ready rawfood products from petstores and also from nearby market. It's important that the meat has high fat. As extra oil we offer them Nutrolin Skin and Coat- oil product. Before hunting season starts we change the oil into more thicker one called Sportti. 

We update our pages with news and information about our dogs, plans and results in dogshows or gundog trials, and all kinds of stuff. You can write email to us or visit us. At the main menu of this page there are each of our dogs' own page, and for the future litters there will come information pages in time. 



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