Izma is Finnish Champion!

Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady "Izma" BEST FEMALE 1, SA and got her last CAC at the Northeast Sawo Show in Tuusniemi, judged by Ernestas Balsiukas. That's how we got the new champion title!

In Weimar, Bluechannel Lapponia Uma in his first junior ring JUN EXC 1, judge Marjo Nygård.



Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady XXX We Can't Stop Princes de la Roses 

Kiinanharjakoirapentue odotettavissa: Izma on astutettu vuoden vaihteessa! Pennut syntyvät Lilla Wanillas kennelnimen alle. Pentueet sivuilla lisätietoa yhdistelmästä. 



Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady XXX We Can't Stop Princes de la Roses

Puppies are expexted to be born at week 9 under Lilla Wanillas kennel

More info at Litters page



Finnish Toy Dog Association speciality show, Kaivopuisto

Izma and I were competing in the Helsinki bay window this weekend. Izma placed 3rd in the champion class and got SA. Judge Kari Järvinen. The judging started with the words "Very stylish bitch, beautiful-looking head .." Satisfied even though the last CAC required for the champion title has not yet come.

For the fall, the biggest Dog Shows seem to have been canceled due to the epidemic, but there are still a few outdoor shows going on. Next spring, the show season will start 1.3 normal earlier.

The chickenfowl season is about to begin, and we get to try Uma’s skills in the woods as well as in the field.



Bluechannel Lapponia BOB-puppy

Uma's first show day ever was in Kajaani RN 15.08.2020. Weimarers were judged by Riitta Niemelä, and as a result Uma got BOB-puppy and CP! Review on Uma's website. Riitta handled dogs really nicely and even got to know the measuring stick. Uma was like calm itself, as if it had been before the bustle of dogs and people. A skilled girl, the rewards of sausages and the next appearance seem to happen as early as June.








The show break finally ends

The shows started again after the COVID-19 restrictions in Pori, judged by Tanya Ahlman-Stocmari. Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady "Izma" made her debut in the champion class, which resulted in EXC SA BB3 and VARACACIB.

A verbal review can be found on Izma's website .








Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady "Izma" health results

Izma went to ELL Jari Aho for health examinations today, and the results were published in the same way. There is nothing wrong with the results and the girl is also healthy through PLL / PRA parents.

Knee patellar luxation 0/0

Eyes OK

Heart OK no murmurs.


Izma was health checked today and the results were good:


Patella 0/0


CARDIO CLEAR no murmur

also PLL / PRA CLEAR (by parentage)









Tornio GS 23.02.2020

Izma received a CAC in Tornio being BOS judge Helin Tenson:


"Great movements, excellent temperament. Good head length, a hint of a strong skull. Beautiful ears. Excellent top and bottom line, good tail. Slight front angulations, excellent back angulations. Adequate crest. Warm healthy skin. Excellent temperament."







New PEVISA for Weimaraners

The parents of the puppies must have a hip description statement with a limit value of C before mating.

The number of registered offspring may not exceed 21 puppies, however, a litter exceeding the limit value will be registered in full.

The dog must have at least the 3rd prize from the KAER test before the first mating. Exemption for truncated imported males registered in Finland. The corresponding foreign hunting test result is also approved on the basis of the opinion of the breed organization.


PEVISA will enter into force in 2021.







New Year and Greece Lamía Tournee

We started the beginning of the year by visiting Kajaani, where Izma won the NUO bitches class EXCELLENT without getting either. The following weekend we headed to Greece for a joint trip with a few other dogs, which was a great success with nice results: Izma is now the new Greek Champion when she was 18 months old. Izma got 3 Greek CACs, and opened her CACIB account with two CACIBs.

As a gift from the Bluechannel Finland litter, a bitch puppy "Uma" came home as a gift, for which we have made our own section on our website. Uma has turned out to be quite a charming young maiden. Uma is a direct offspring of our Weimar Forest Road Ragazzo.









Helsinki Winner & Voittaja 2019

Izma participated in shows in Helsinki, where a wild number of dogs had registered. Izma competed in the junior class with almost 10 junior bitches on both days. No title was given to Izma, but her brother Urho (Lilla Wanillas A-Class Rap God) kicked the JV-19 title on Sunday. In addition, Dad Jammings Duvel got the V-19 title and was BOB! And there was really no appeal in Izmana's criticism.

Izma's review on Sunday from Judge Dimitry Van Raamsdonk (Belgium):

Well proportioned. Feminine expression. Correct ears placed on correct skulll. Dark eyes whitch I would like to see more almond shape to perfection. Good pigmentation. Well tapered and chiselled muzzle. Correct bite. Clean throat and lips. Correct topline and tail, good tie and tuck-up. Fitting bone. Moves well.


So this time JUN-EXC. review great :)


In Weimarisara we did not participate in shows with our own dog.

The grandmother of the Sisu Finland litter competed in the veteran class for the first time, and was BOB, VETROP and BIG3, named CIE BALTJV-12 PMJV-12 SEJV-12 EEV-13 BALTV-13 V-19 VV-19 BLUECHANNEL YOSEMITE (owner Marika Örn). The puppies are growing at a fast pace, are soon 2 weeks old and their eyes are slowly opening.







Forest Road Ragazzo XXX Bluechannel Betsy Gray

At the turn of November / December, a Weimaraner litter coming to the Bluechannel kennel. The father of the litter is Metsätie Ragazzo.

See more here. :)






Chinese Crested Dogs RY's Club Show 2019

Izma went to represent us at the Chinese Crested Dog Club Show in Kajaani. The exhibition is unofficial, and in addition to the normal exhibition, e.g. "Best skin", with powders "Best coat", "Best head"; In the "Best Movements" and "Best Performers" sections. Izma competed in the junior series and got a class win, as well as an honorary award and is thus BOS-Junior 2019. She also participated in Best Skin, Best Movements and Best Performer in additional competitions.


Judge Anita Al-Bachy's review of Izma:

12 months lovely young lady with excellent proportions. Lovely expression. Right head lines. Ears in good position. Good neck, and topline. Excellent body. Slightly straight upper arm. Good fringe. Warm, well-maintained skin. Moves upright with a magnificent stride.






Izma wins EE JCH and LT JCH

Last weekend we visited the beautiful city of Võru in Estonia, where national Dog Shows were held. Izma and Sisu were present.


Sisu got a CAC from Estonia and was BOB, judged by Pero Bozhinovski.

Izma was BOS of the whole breed, JUN BOS on both days and got junior certificates, so we have a new Estonian junior champion, EE JCH!


Previously we also went to Jonava shows in Lithuania, where Izma achieved Lithuanian junior title LT JCH.


In addition, in Finland, Izma has already received her second CAC from the Varkaus show, as well as a spare CAC from Kangasniemi.




Spring exhibitions

Izma has been in a hurry on the exhibition front. We took part in Imatra's NORD shows with Judge Heinesche Laurent, Luxembourg as a result JUN EXC 1. Also present was Sisu who got AVK EXC 1 result and class win judged by Croatian judge Matejcic Jasna. The guts would have had a chance at the NORD CAC if they had been willing to focus on performing more than on the ice rink in the ice rink.

"4 year old, correct line of head & expression. Enough development in chest. Well muscled, enough angulation in front & rear. Excellent topline. Still need better behavior in ring."

There was a change of judge in Ruovesi's group shows and we got Leni Finnen as a judge. Izma shook the jackpot and got JUK EXC1, as the only bitch SA and CAC and was BOB! His brother Urho got his second CAC in the same shows and was BOS. So we can be very pleased with the results so far.


Happy first of May to everyone!




Lahti INT, Kitee GS

Izma took part in the last puppy class show at the end of March in Lahti international shows. The judge was Simon Mills from Australia, who dealt beautifully with dogs, and liked Izma's general look. So Izma was awarded BOS-puppy, and received an honorary award.

13.04. Izma was already allowed to take part in the first shows in the junior class, which happened to be our close show in Kitee. Judge Paula Heikkinen-Lehkonen:

"Strong, well-developed young bitch. Full chest, also forechest well filled. Straight, long enough head. Curved backline, long lumbar region. Good angulations of limbs. Smooth, soft, well-groomed skin and reasonable fringe. Behavior still unfamiliar but lively. "

The result is JUN-EXC JUK 1, class win for two JUN bitches.

Izma does not yet have the patience from time to time to stand for long periods of time to be criticized, and hence the mention of unfamiliarity. Satisfied with this girl, and thanks to the handler. Temperament is evident in this girl. Izma has kept her first runs and will soon start to be ready for the body, of course a still developing young bitch. Spring is in the ears and the coming weeks will be busy on the show front.






Riga CACIB and Tallinn CAC

Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady was the collector of the show weekend and was BOB-puppy with an honorary prize at the big Riga international show on Saturday. Judge Kalinichenko Galina liked Izma's performance and type very much.


On Sunday we headed to Tallinn national shows, where judge Igoris Zizevskis still awarded Izma as BOB puppy. Rating: "Strong bone & body. Good type & proportions. Typical head. Strong neck & topline. Enough deep & wide chest. Good movement."

In Tallinn we also tried our luck in a big circle where there was no result. The handler was Iira Kiiskinen.

Sisu was involved in the CACIB hunt, but unfortunately on this trip it was not received for Sisu. Therefore, we will continue the company in that field later.





Close exhibitions in winter weather

We went to Nurmes group shows at the end of February, which resulted in PEK1 in Izma. Judge Irina Poletaeva.

For the first time, annual Dog Shows were held in Joensuu at the Arena, previously these shows have been organized as outdoor shows on the racetrack. We were also in the backing forces of the North Karelian Chicken Dog Club. Of the two-day shows, Izma participated in Saturday's international show, judging by judge Jarmo Hilpinen PEK 1.

On Sunday it was the turn of the NORD show, where Izma shone with great movement, and won the BOS-puppy and also received an honorary award! Judge Anne Sume, Estonia.

On Sunday, in addition to Izma, Sisu was in the ring and got OPEN EXC 1. Judge Simu Calin, Romania.




Kauhava GS 9 & 1/3

Izma's puppy rings continue, in Kauhava Izma is the only bitch puppy PEK 1 and BOS-puppy with an honorary prize! In male puppies two brothers, Urho for 1st place BOB-puppy and Köpi for 2nd place. Judge Harry Tast. Spring is already full of new plans, a great year is coming!




LIETTUAN NÄYTTELYT, Kaunas Winner & Kika Cup Winner 2019

Metsätie Ragazzo "Sisu" and Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady "Izma" were with us in the Baltics on a show trip. On Saturday Sisu was OPEN EXC1 and received her first Lithuanian class certificate. On Sunday Sisu did well in the group of 7 males, rising to BM2, got a class certificate and VARACACIB, which is confirmed as CACIB.

Izma also did well in the puppy ring, handled by Iira for Izma both days as a result BOS-puppy and the mention "very promising".

There were also several other Chinese Crested dogs as well as one monkey pinscher with whom the trip folded nicely, and everyone got along well with this our Weimaraner. I am very proud of these international results, the strong start of the dogs. :)


15 ja 16.12.2018


Lilla Wanillas A-Class Slim Shady "Izma" went to Winner Puppy and Winner Puppy Show in Helsinki, Izma got great reviews both days and placed in Sunday's Winner show in her 5-7 month class PPEK3 and got CP from judge Sanna Vakkilainen.


Izma's brother Lilla Wanillas A-Class Rap God "Urho" was chosen BOS-puppy in Winner Puppy show.

Saturday’s performance was underperforming in Izma’s stores, and thus did not rise to the top four. Otherwise, Heinesche Laurent’s review was really beautiful.

Izman reviews here


Izma participated in Liepaja show in Latvia.

For the most time, Izma was on a show trip abroad only at the age of 5 months in the puppy class in Latvia, and not with bad results!


Saturday 08.12. judge Marta Sipos, Serbia review from Izma:

Bite Is OK. Beautiful, typical head, good neck, strong enough topline for age, already good coat for age, needs some training, very nice temperament.

KUC 1, LKUC 2, PP (BOS-baby, HP)

09.12. Zlatko Jojkic, Serbia

Very nice developed for age, typical head, correct expression, good Pigment and ear acting, well developed chest and forechest, excellent substances, correct angulation front and rear, good tailset, Move correct, very nice behavior.

KUC1, LKUC1, PP (BOB-baby, HP)

Warm thanks to Arja and Iira Izma for taking me on the trip.



Metsätien Ragazzo was at field trials in Parikkala, Finland. Sisu searched sections of field widely and with good pace that lasted about 15 minutes. Sisu had gamebird, apheasant cock on a tight point but Sisu was sticking on point and did'nt flush the phasane. Our trial ended with the result of 0, because of the lack of avanche. There were 3 other dogs, none was awarded.


KAER- koe Parikkalassa

Metsätien Ragazzo kävi KAER F kokeessa Parikkalassa. Sisu oli laajahakuinen ja hakuvuoro kesti noin 15 min. jonka seurauksena löytyi fasaanikukko. Seisonta oli varma. Koira ei edennyt avanssiin, ja koe loppui meidän osaltamme siihen siltä päivältä. Kokeeseen osallistui kolme muutakin koirakkoa, yhtäkään ei palkittu.


Metsätien Ragazzo AVO 0.


A new member has arrived in the family !!

Even the most observant have already noticed the picture of a brush dog puppy that has appeared on the front pages of our pages. Well absolutely! Our herd was confirmed when the ridge girl Izma arrived home after a long wait on 30.08. We entered into an investment agreement in cooperation with Lilla Wanillas. Thank you for your trust and for everything so far Arja!


Izma has already conquered our hearts in these few days and I am immensely enamored with her fearless nature. The boys were amazed when the rowdy puppy arrived, but the puppy seems to be already part of the herd. He is a big eater who tastes the food of his neighbor, daring without a sense of self-protection, all the little things get a ride, teeth are tested on socks and legs. I can't wait to see what happens to him.

More about Izma on her own website ..


Sukansyöjän kennel is on You Tube

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Suvikarelia KR 2018

Metsätien Ragazzo Open class EXC1 CQ BD1 BOS

Tuomari Marjatta Pylvänäinen-Suorsa

Keskikokoinen. hyväluustoinen, mittasuhteiltaan lyhyehkö uros. Selvä sukupuolileima, hyvä pään pituus, hyväasentoiset hieman kookkaat korvat. Hyvät silmät, niukka otsapenger. Kuono voisi olla täyteläisempi. Riittävä kaula, hyvä ylälinja ja häntä. Hyvä rungon syvyys. Riittävästi kulmautunut. Hieman leveät etu- ja takaliikkeet. Sivuliikkeessä koira saisi esiintyä ryhdikkäämmin.


Suvikarelia KV 2018

Metsätien Ragazzo Open class VG

Tuomari judge Zeferino José Cardoso Silva

Good type, good head, sufficient muzzle, good neck, correct topline, sufficient front, angulation, exc in back, good chest.


Mehtäkoera 2018- näyttely Siilinjärvellä Punttisilimässä 

Metsätien Ragazzo Open class EXC1 CQ BD1 BOS 

Judge Raimo M Viljanmaa, Finland

Pictures at gallery.


Kennelnimi Sukansyöjän on myönnetty tänään!

Rotuina kiinanharjakoira sekä weimarinseisoja. 


Tallinn Winter Cup 2018

Tuomari judge Boris Spoliaric, Kroatia

Metsätien Ragazzo AVO ERI 1 SA PU3

Good bite, strong neck, very good top & outline, nice front, excellent tailset & carriage, good angulations, good reach & drive.


Kotisivut perustettu!

Pitkällisen puuhailun tuloksena kotisivut ovat nyt avoinna!





Sakkolankatu 2








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