Good breeding is to keep the breeds healthy and maintain the right temperament. These are the main things we look for when choosing our combinations. We will study closely the options that would give us the right qualities and nyances we want.

Chinese crested ha many diseases, lack of teeth and the body hairiness that must be noted, weimaraner the temperament and overall healthiness, immunology  and allergies. At the main principles of successful breeding it's important to be honest to your own work and bring up also the negative things. We wish that our puppy owners can be honest to us. 

We are members of Finnish Kennelunion and belong to both weims and cresteds  breed organisations. We use the official papers and agreements. Puppies will be registered, chipped, treated against endoparasites and  their health will be checked by vet. Puppies will have a nice packages with them including the "Puppy manual" and a little story about each litter.

We want to find right home to our puppies and we are happy to hear from them at any time in any matter.

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